Chartered Engineer. AKASHA Foundation. Euler Partners. Architect hi:project and Open Farming. Co-founder Digital Life Collective co-op.


  • John Williams

    John Williams

    Freelance photographer, copywriter and Squarespace website builder.

  • Chuck Gose

    Chuck Gose

    Skyline Chili connoisseur and Duran Duran | @Stratacache VP and co-founder of @IndySM | Host of @LearnICology | Snapchat: chuckgose

  • Tim Harrison

    Tim Harrison

    PR guy, communicator, coach, musician. Perpetually curious. Fascinated by the impact of transformative technology and how it disrupts and creates human value

  • Justin Fitzpatrick — DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick — DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick is the CEO and Co-founder of DueDil, a company intelligence platform that provides real-time insights on millions of SMEs.

  • Justin Kownacki

    Justin Kownacki

    I teach people how to tell better stories. @justinkownacki

  • Uwe Hauck

    Uwe Hauck

    Author, Speaker, Computer Scientist, Depression Awareness Advocat, Suicide Prevention Advocate

  • Michaela Jausen

    Michaela Jausen

    Strategist and Planner exploring the digital awesomeness

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