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Chartered Engineer. AKASHA Foundation. Euler Partners. Architect hi:project and Open Farming. Co-founder Digital Life Collective co-op.

First published to my blog.

It is important to understand the ways in which software may be conjured into the world for the simple reason that software and information technologies more generally have immense social and economic impact. The genesis of such process has been called software architecture, and there…

Disposability is one way to describe a persona fading with irrelevance. For example, the personae I may have lived through as a teenager are entirely redundant to me in my 40s.

First published to the generative identity website.

No two people can share an exact understanding of anything deep and meaningful simply because we each have different contexts. Conversation relies upon and can never wholly substitute for context. …

by Courtney Williams

Originally posted to the Ethereum World blog.

In light of the Trump ban, far right hate speech, and the plainly weird QAnon conspiracy theories, the world’s attention is increasingly focused on the moderation of and by social media platforms.

Our work at AKASHA is founded on the belief that humans…

Osman Rana

First published to the generative identity website.

Phil Windley claims that a technology stack consisting of self-sovereign identity (SSI) and related technologies has all the qualities of generativity. He does so in his latest blog post with reference to Jonathan Zittrain’s 2006 paper The Generative Internet. …

SSI has distressing emergent outcomes — the antithesis of the hopes and plans of the SSI community and those attracted to SSI’s real-world application. We have to reflect and rethink.

Put starkly, many millions of people have been excluded, persecuted, and murdered with the assistance of prior identity architectures, and…

Occupy Education using the Occupy Movement’s hand signals

We are delighted to welcome Mei Lin Fung as guest speaker at 16:00 UTC 2nd September. Mei Lin co-founded People-Centered Internet in 2016 alongside “father of the Internet” Vint Cerf.

Mei Lin will introduce her work on the Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy initiative. She’ll give an overview and describe the challenges before we open up the majority of our one-hour together to questions and good conversation.

Join us.

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Philip Sheldrake

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